25 November 2021

Claustrophobic parlour with fluffy sofas and colourful pillows all around has become a thing of the past. Living room is just the ‘room where we live’, and any challenge to semantics is an abomination. The classic idea says a typical living room is associated with plenty of seatings. However, it takes more than sofas to make living room works in real life.

The living room is the place where family members get together, have conversations, have fun activities, and sometimes take a nap. It’s the de facto epicentre of a home. At the same time, the living room needs to be one of the most multifunctional spaces in your home as it takes on several roles at the same time, which can be a creativity handicap for home decorators.

A perfectly functional living room also requires a lot of other factors working together in harmony. Therefore, items for a living room are a long list, and it’s quite difficult for a limited space to have the perfect equilibrium between functionality, comfort, and style.

When you finally decide to renovate your living room and come up with a stylish design in your mind, emerges another problem. Many of the stylish-looking furniture in the market are not bundled with comfort, let alone function. Are you willing to sacrifice comfort or function for style?

Look no further away from STAYinSTYLEBangkok 2021 showcases where style can coexist function and comfort. Check out the cool-looking Oggi™ Bean Sofa for two with zero hassle of cleaning as its cover can be removed for washing so you will always have clean seating anytime you need. And for the fun part, never miss child-friendly PlanToys™ Rocking Chair for your little ones to enjoy.

    niiq™ Ming R is a coffee table with veneered oakwood top and base that are easy to clean. Dot your living room with a stark black rainwood Bora Side Table from the same manufacturer to give the room a fun vibe. Different colours can trick your eyes and direct all sights to different points of view to ease eye fatigue.

A lighting feature at the side of the seatings will frame the look and help you create an inviting lighting scheme. You can look for a side table lamp that’s not too high and choose a warm bulb for a cosy feeling. Ango™ Unit Boy Table Lamp in rattan accentuated by cadmium orange-coloured coated base doesn’t only provide the room with not too bright light, but also goes very well with the earthy tone of your Bean Sofa.

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